my surch for salvation

my surch for salvation
Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

every scar has its past and every life has its end

i cut.

i cut threw everything. every emotion seeing the blood pore sobers me up like you wouldnt believe.its the best drug ill ever take.

and if you cut ill never tell you to stop. i would be hypocritcal for me to make you stop. i dont want to stop. i dont ever want to stop. i need the cuts and the blood like i need air. im in that far. is there any way out?

but what i can say is. dont be like me. i wouldnt wish me or my life on anyone in this world. you'll never get me or know how it feels to be me, unless you are me.

once i made that frist cut there was no going back i can never be the same me i was then. i'll never been the same nivie little girl. ever.again.

i didn't know pain

i didn't know hate

i didnt know saddness

i didnt know what it ment be alive

once i made that first cut, i felt every thing. and happyness true true happyness has hardly been felt scence. i dont know if i ever will even in my happyest moments i'm sad. im broken.

no one disevers a broken girl.

after these 4 years of cutting. i know what its like to be worthless. trust me i know.

its sad that whem some one asked me what inportant to me what is worth take in the only thing i could think was. razor.

wow i really am that fucked up.


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